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In Case You Missed It: Ellen Messing’s NBI Webinar

Executive Employment Agreements: Scope of the Relationship & Compensation Arrangements

On June 29th Ellen presented a webinar for the National Business Institute on navigating the intricacies of executive compensation agreements in the modern employment landscape. Highlights of the covered material include:

  • How to effectively solidify the scope of duties and responsibilities of an executive
  • Assuming risk of prior non-compete agreements
  • Fixed vs. indefinite employment terms
  • Renewal provisions
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Dodd-Frank compliance for executive pay
  • Base salary essentials
  • Deferred Compensation in its different forms and the corresponding vesting issues
  • Incentive plans and bonuses
  • Enhanced fringe benefits and reimbursements
  • Sample executive compensation provisions

Thank you to the National Business Institute for this opportunity to share our expertise with a diverse body of professionals across the country.

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