“I just want to take the time to thank everybody who has worked on my case from this firm. I cannot show my appreciation enough. This firm has been nothing short of excellent in its representation of me. The hard work and dedication that I have seen from Ellen, Jim, Wells, Gavi, Ian, Priscilla, Theresa, and other staff shows me that I couldn’t have chosen a better firm to represent me in this unfortunate matter. This firm has truly showed that it is one of the best there is in dealing with employment matters. The commitment you give to your clients is extraordinary and unwavering. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication on my behalf it is greatly appreciated!!!!!!”

“I was laid-off unexpectedly after a decade’s service as an engineer. I was always top of my review ratings. Upon lay-off, I was told by my bosses’ boss that “my position was eliminated”. My much younger replacement started the same day I was let go. Friends reliably advised me to go after my previous employer for age discrimination. After some Web research, I found Jim Weliky of MRW. I wanted a top-rated employment lawyer with employee emphasis. After an initial visit, my case was accepted and we proceeded. We chose to negotiate and avoid litigation, which typically takes 3-5 years. Evidence gathering, discovery, negotiations and settlement were all completed in under 4 months. I’d like to note that all communications with MRW were short and to the point, monthly bills made clear exactly where we were. As a Severance Settlement I received over double what I was originally offered. We also got much more amicable terms in the Severance Agreement. Note the time and money to get the settlement were almost exactly as initially predicted by Jim Weliky. Jim was also right-on with the amount of severance payment. Beyond the money aspect of this settlement, I feel justice was done in my case. The law was upheld and my past employer’s wrong has been righted. I’d enthusiastically recommend Jim Weliky to anyone with an employment dispute.”
G.A., Engineering firm employee represented by James S. Weliky

“Hi Ellen: I wanted to let you know I received the signed document, thank you. I also want to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I know this was a very trying case/situation and it seemed that anything that could go wrong did go wrong. I appreciate your tenacity, insight and patience. You have remarkable skills. If I can ever be a resource to you don’t hesitate. Best.”

“Dahlia Rudavsky was the third lawyer I consulted when, years ago, I made the decision to sue my university on the basis of sex discrimination. I was unable to afford the first, and the second told me that pursuing the case was a waste of money because I would probably lose. Then I met with Dahlia [Rudavsky], whom I had heard about from our union lawyer, and everything changed. Suddenly there was a sense of clarity and mission and I knew that, even if I did lose, I had an obligation to myself and to women coming after me to pursue the case. In the years that followed — the case took seven years to bring to court and was in appeal for another three — Dahlia never lowered her standards. High-mindedness and true professionalism are rare and inspiring things to see and she possesses these qualities. Were it not for her perseverance and dedication to principle, I would not be where I am today. When I last saw Dahlia, I told her ‘you always give me faith the world can be a just place.'”
Julia Prewitt Brown, Professor of English, Boston University, successful plaintiff in Brown v. Trustees of Boston University, 891 F.2d 337 (1st Cir. 1989), cert. denied, 110 S. Ct. 3217 (1990) (Court of Appeals affirms district court tenure award to faculty member who proved sex discrimination by University that had denied tenure).

“First of all, thank you. This [filing] is exceptional, I am amazed at your ability to grasp this rather complex situation so accurately, and I am equally impressed with your tone. Thank you.”
J.G., social services executive represented by James S. Weliky

“… [T]hank you so much for all the help and expertise you provided in my case. I learned a great deal from this experience, and benefited substantially from your strategies, experience, and professionalism with respect to always bearing in mind the best interests of clients!”
G.B., financial services professional represented by Ellen J. Messing

“… [Attorney Rudavsky] should be most proud of [her] role in achieving justice, setting precedent[s], and giving courage to other women to find and use their voices of protest.”
D.P., university professor

“[I] felt like talking to you was the most level headed thing I did…. You were honest and open about where I stood… so know that your advice was good and sound and made a difference to me…. Know that I would have no problem recommending you for anyone I might come across with the kind of situation I found myself in and will do so.”
P.L., biotechnology process engineer represented by James S. Weliky

“… [T]hank you for all your support. I really appreciate you for keeping my head above water. I hope all your clients treat you well like you treat them.”
T.R., energy industry professional represented by James S. Weliky

“To have someone believe so deeply in the truth of your story and to have your truth so eloquently expressed and expertly defended as occurred in [my case] is a powerful experience…. Thank you for taking the risks, for having the strength to endure and the skill to mute the voices of those who discriminate.”
Marjorie McMillan, D.V.M., plaintiff in McMillan v. MSPCA, 880 F.Supp. 900 (D.Mass. 1995); 140 F.3d 288 (1st Cir. 1998), represented by Dahlia C. Rudavsky.

“I am so pleased with your work on this, and honestly I feel the worm is beginning to turn. There are times when I feel meek and compliant in this affair, and other times when I feel the anger and fire that unfairness demands. That is what it feels like now, in my own home, reading such a well crafted effort.”
B.W., federal employee represented by James S. Weliky

“I am truly grateful for your experience and guidance and for the final settlement outcome.”
C.Y., biotechnology professional reprsented by Ellen J. Messing

“I watched Dahlia Rudavsky at court in the first federal case she ever tried to a jury [in 1987] and, given her youth, her presence was surprisingly calm and wise. She has the ability, unlike many professionals, not to be deflected by unexpected or untoward developments in the courtroom. She is flexible yet resolute.”
Howard Eiland, Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Thank you again for all your advice and firm hand on checking more emotional responses…. My family and I greatly appreciate your advice and steady hand on my departure from [my employer].”
B.K., energy technology executive represented by James S. Weliky

“… [T]hank you again for helping me reach a settlement…. I really appreciate your patience and wisdom and your willingness to persevere.”
F.A., university professor represented by Ellen J. Messing

“Thank you! This is very good news! I am surprised that they agreed [to the settlement] so quickly. Then again, I think they finally realized that they were no match for you and the evidence. Well done.”
M.H., state government financial analyst represented by James S. Weliky

“I am very fortunate to have found you and grateful for all of your help navigating through a most difficult time in my life. I learned a lot and can only hope that I will provide good guidance to any other people I meet who have this type of misfortune.”
R.C., financial services professional represented by Ellen J. Messing

“Thank you so much for your time and energy that you invest in this case. I am so happy and satisfied. Believe it or not, I [am] start[ing] to feel some closure. Whatever the outcome may be, we demonstrate for sure that we are not part of this unfair and unacceptable behavior nor do we encourage it. I will always be grateful to you. Again, thank you.”
R.M., registered nurse represented by James S. Weliky

“I am very grateful for all your hard work and guidance…. You are truly the definition of a professional woman. I am inspired by you to achieve all my goals for the future.”
J.A., government employee represented by Ellen J. Messsing

“I appreciate your attention and advice. Knowing you are there empowers me!”
M.L., middle management professional represented by Dahlia C. Rudavsky

DISCLAIMER: Initials used to identify our firm’s clients who wrote the above testimonials have been changed to protect the identity of the authors and to comply with Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct 1.6 and 7.1.